RV Rental Fees and Deposits

Fees and Deposits

At NW Adventure Rentals, We don't believe in hidden fees or nasty surprises. No "$99 prep fees", mandatory cleaning fees or other extra expenses you didn't see coming. You simply pay:

  1. Daily RV rental fee and applicable taxes
  2. Mileage fees - Drivable RVs include 100 free miles per day. After that, mileage fees apply. Travel trailers do not have mileage fees.
  3. Generator fees - Drivable RVs include 1 free hour of generator use per day. After that, generator fees apply. Travel trailers do not have generator fees.
  4. Optional insurance fees - Read more about rental insurance here.
  5. Any optional items you select (see Optional Items)

Note: There is 5-day minimum rental fee from May 15th to September 15th, and a 3-day minimum rental fee the rest of the year.

You will also pay a refundable security deposit ($750/trailers & $1500/motorhomes). This is refunded to you after you bring the RV back on time, in the same condition it went out. Things that might reduce the amount refunded include:

  • Miles or generator time beyond the allotted free amount or beyond the miles/generator paid for up front
  • Damage to the RV that occurred while in your care
  • Cigarette smoke, pet or other odors that require removal
  • Excessive cleaning required by us upon return. We expect to wash the linens, but a filthy or damaged RV will result in extra fees. The RV should be returned in the same condition it went out.
  • Late return of RV
The Reservation Process
  1. When you make a reservation, you'll pay a part of your RV rental fees up front. This will be the greater of $500 or 25% of the total rental fee before tax. This is applied to your rental fee.
  2. When you come to pick up the rental trailer or RV, you will pay the remaining balance plus the $750 security deposit ($1500 for motorhomes).
  3. After you return the RV we will perform an inspection. Assuming their is no new damage and the RV is clean, etc. we will refund your security deposit. This may take several days during busy periods.