Money Saving Tips When Camping

Oct 25, 2017

Camping is one of the most cost friendly ways to travel/vacation. There are many ways you can make RV travel even more frugal so that you can put more money towards other things, like even more RV vacations. Nobody ever says “I can use a little less vacation in my life.”

Here are some easy ways to cut costs while you are on an RV adventure:Money Saving Tips When Camping

  • Travel in the Off-Season
  • Skip Commercial Campgrounds
  • Park for Free
  • Stay Longer
  • Save Money at Restaurants
  • There are Cheaper Alternatives to Supermarkets
  • Meal Plan
  • Save Money on Gas
  • Go Off the Grid
  • Get Discounted Tickets at Theme Parks

This is true for RV travel just like any other travel. Campgrounds, RV parks, resorts, theme parks, etc. all have lower rates during times when less people travel to help keep business going.

Many times city, state, county, and federal campgrounds will have cheaper rates than commercial resorts and privately owned campsites.

There are places all over that will allow you to park your RV free some; just for one night and others for longer. Check out this list of places to park your RV for free.

Get a discount from many different campgrounds for staying longer than the average camper. It is usually in the form of a percentage off per night.

Eating out while road tripping can be one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the trip (plus it gives the cook a break). Eating out can turn into the most expensive part of your trip. To save money look for restaurants with kids eat free with a purchase of an adult meal, two for one coupons, dinner for two meals, coupons, deals in the Entertainment book, etc. Eat during lunch instead of dinner or eat some appetizers during happy hour.

If you want to save on your food budget check out thrift bakeries, discount stores, or even farmer’s markets. If you don’t mind looking for coupons that can be an option to save a little on your campfire cooking supplies as well.

Another great way to save on your meal budget is to write out a meal plan or a menu for your trip to ensure you don’t buy a bunch of extra food and snacks that you never end up using. With a meal plan you will know everything you need for each meal and can shop accordingly instead of just throwing what sounds good in the cart.

Filling up the RV can take a large chunk of change. Check out our article on gas saving tips for RV travelers.

Try out boondocking, that means camping without hookups. Boondocking can be done in a number of places including cheaply priced campsites that don’t offer hookups or a complete free off the beaten path locale.

If you plan to hit a theme park camping is a great way to save on a vacation and some theme parks that have their own campgrounds offer discounted admission tickets when you stay there.

Now that you know how to save even more money on an RV camping adventure there is nothing stopping you from getting out there and enjoying a vacation. For more information on RV rentals please browse our website or give us a call.