Renting Your RV Opens Up a World of Opportunity

Sep 8, 2017

Right now the RV industry is booming. More and more people are choosing to put their money in experiences more than material belongings. Travel is trendy especially camping and RV-ing. It is a great low cost way to get out and have an adventure.

People aren't just taking RVs on the great American road trip or to cross Yellowstone off their bucket list. As music festivals become the place to be more and more people are grabbing RVs to set up right outside the venue without missing out on any of the action. Want to hit the theme parks? You can save hundreds by staying in an RV instead of a hotel.

There are so many people looking to purchase or rent an RV right now. If you own an RV it has never been a better time to rent it out because of the demand for them. Here are four benefits to renting out your RV when you aren't using it.

Lease your RV

1. Cover the Payments

An average class A motor home can rent for anywhere from $100 to $200 a night. By renting your RV occasionally on a regular basis it can easily cover your RV payment. So it is like you get to vacation for almost nothing.

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2. Fight Depreciation

Like cars, RVs lose their value with time and use and they lose it rapidly. RVs a little less rapid than cars, but still at a significant pace. Some say that an RV is worth only half its original price 6 years after purchase. Take some of the brunt off of the depreciation by having your RV pay for itself.

3. Lower or No Storage Fees

Using a leaseback program with a rental company allows for little to no storage fees. The company has a lot for the fleet they keep and renting through them allows you to keep your RV in their lot.

4. Easy Winterizing and Maintenance

Working with a rental company will bring an agreed contract on what maintenance the company will provide and the cost. (Usually it is taken out of the rental profits.) The company has to ensure that each RV they rent is in top shape so you know your RV will be well taken care of even in the off season.

5. Possibility of Turning a Profit

Many RV renters have been so successful in renting that they have decided to turn it into a business. Maybe not a quit-your-job kind of business but a great side business to help bring in some more money for bigger vacations or a nice nest egg for retirement. Read more about making a profit with our Leaseback program

For more information about the leaseback program at Northwest Adventure Rentals please feel free to browse our website or contact us anytime.