Simple Outdoor Photography Tips

Jan 2, 2017

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? You are probably itching to take it on your next RV adventure and capture the beauty of your trip. Here are some tips to get the best vacation photos possible. They may even turn out so well that you will want to frame a couple and display them like art in your home.

Some photographing geniuses make it look so easy to take perfect pictures of the great outdoors. The colors pop, the detail is stunning and you feel like you are walking right into the picture just staring at it. Pictures like this however take a little know how, the good news is that you can take a very good photo without having to buy thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment with some basic knowhow.

Simple Outdoor Photography Tips

  • You can accomplish a lot with just a camera, tripod, and alarm clock
  • Timing is Important
  • What is Your Focus
  • Don’t Stress over perfect night photos

A tripod is useful for camera stability, but it can also be a great asset in times of low light, taking pictures at night, action photos, and close ups. There are many great lightweight versions of tripods out there that are easy to fold up and carry for traveling. Use the alarm clock to help remind you to get up and out and capture those photos at the right time of day.

If you are in front of beautiful scenery you may think, “ what does it matter when I capture a picture if the scenery is this stunning? “ The best time to capture outdoor beauty is when the lighting is optimal at sunrise and sunset. The lighting at these times produces the best detail and color in your photos.

When you take a photo you will want to determine what you want the main focal point to be. Pick the main subject and move it around in the frame of the photo. Try different angles like standing on a tree or crouching down on the ground. Use the classic “rule of thirds” to place the subject right where you want it. This rule divides the picture into nine equal parts with two lines vertically and horizontally. The places in which these lines intersect are a good place to line up your main subject.

Some other great composition tips for photos:

  • -If you have one main subject keep the background simple.
  • -Objects in the foreground help to bring depth to a photo
  • -Don’t place the horizon in the middle of the frame.

Taking pictures at night is one of the most difficult to master. If you do not get the perfect nighttime photo at first don’t fret just keep practicing. Make sure to use the tripod, use a manual focus, focus on a good light source ( you can even use a headlamp), when using a headlamp you can use autofocus, point your camera at the stars and take long exposures.

This may take many tries ,but if you keep at it you may find you will get some of your favorite shots.

Of course the number one rule of taking photos is to get a camera you love and have fun. Don’t take it too seriously and forget to enjoy your RV adventure. Make memories and bring the camera along to capture them forever.

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