RV Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance

RV Rental insurance is a necessary part of renting an RV, but we make this part easy as well. Read on to see how insurance works when you rent from NW Adventure Rentals:

When you rent an RV or Travel Trailer from NW Adventure Rentals, we already have an insurance policy in place on your rental unit. Our RV rental insurance is secondary to your own, meaning that if there is a claim, we will first seek to collect from your insurance, and then from ours. The insurance deductible is $1000 for all rental units.

If you are going to rent a Travel Trailer or RV from us, you should contact your insurance agent, inform them of the RV rental and ask them if your current auto insurance policy covers physical damage to the RV, or if it only covers your liability.

If physical damage is covered, then you’re all set! Simply provide us with a copy of the Declarations Page for your policy. Your agent can help you with this.

If physical damage is not covered, then you should ask your agent if they can sell you a binder to cover physical damage while the RV or trailer is in your possession. If so, then again, we just need a copy of the Declarations Page for your policy.

If your agent cannot sell you a binder, then our insurance will still cover you. Our insurance covers you to the state minimums for liability. It covers comprehensive and collision, but does not cover loss of use. Under our insurance, if you are at fault and damage the RV, you could incur loss of use charges while the RV is being repaired, but if you have your own policy, then we can collect loss of use from your insurance company.

If the loss of use exposure makes you uncomfortable, we do offer a Loss of Use waiver, in which we will waive our right to collect Loss of Use charges. The cost for this waiver is 10% of your rental fees before tax.